(Key projects evaluation app)



My role:

UX/UI Designer


Side project


The Key projects area of Westpac bank, in charge of studying every particular case, old and new, had an urge for a repository/catalog where to interconnect and categorize these projects by diverse parameters.

The main objective was to create an application to operate and define the needs and interconnections for the different user profiles.

Time for the project: 4 days.

In that time we had to provide deliverables as flowchart, wireframes and at least one high resolution screen with a visual proposal (not definitive).

Due to possibilities, resources and time, for this first approach we had to skip any intention of deep research and consulting and focus on essentials to being as fast and active as the dead-line demands.

That’s why we decided to base the progress of the project on a ‘flexible’ version of Sprint Design methodology, adapted to our preferences and needs.

In spite of time constrictions, a huge amount of questions and possibilities were noted down during the process in order to achieve an optimal approach in the future.


Project Owner, Area Validator and PM Officer. The 3 different user profiles were so distinctive and worked in a parallel line from other, converging in so little aspects, that our decision was to create three separated flowcharts, indicating the steps in the process where interconnected with the other users.

By studying and understanding the diverse profile roles and its interconnections, we were able to create this extensive flowchart.

3 user profiles / 3 flowcharts


After an extensive flowchart creation, wireframing most of the key screens and processes was mandatory.

High Res

Planned for desktop only.

Colors and fonts were taken directly from Westpac official site, trying to preserve certain elements from its visual identity (with a big twist).

The conducting idea was to develop an identifying visual aspect to try and keep it separated from other websites or apps already functioning on employees’ computers, avoiding any chance of confusion.

Despite the app is not planned to have a direct message function, comunication between different profiles proved essential. We wanted to emphasise those comments from the diverse users, to help to build the most useful evaluation and show its process.