If you want the world listen to you, better

If you want the world listen to you, better

Tell a Beautiful Story

Hello, my name is 


I’m a multidisciplinary designer at the service of the user

As a professional designer in constant learning for more than a decade, I’m even more passionate than ever for satisfactory-memorable-awesome UX and UI.

I’ve been working for agencies and design studios, as well as freelance, since 2008.

I enjoy being useful, bringing out solutions, reaching goals, having ideas, collaborating with others, discovering, learning, teaching and helping.

I love to make things better.

  • Expertise leading teams
  • Client oriented
  • Team player
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Design sense
  • Analytical mindset
  • Problem solver
  • Thrilled to learn and teach
  • I strive to create good atmosphere
  • I care about people
  • I try to be didactic
  • Quiero mi bocadillo



Let’s talk.

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