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My role:



Side project


Group project in which we had to develop the whole corporate image of an indie music festival.


The Concept

As for the style, lovers of ‘indie’ music tends to be people who don’t like to be classified so easily (not fond on the mainstream). So our choice was to escape from classic icons for this kind of music and people and risk with a very own style.

In the pursuit of an original music festival, we decided to offer something surprising: a picnic.

The idea was a ‘big day out’, with food, relax time and, of course, the best indie music.

Picnic Music Fest’, sounded like a great concept for us.


We spent days discussing the possibilities until we find out the idea ‘Dabaraba’, a nonsense based on singing a song without even know the lyrics, but a crystal clear gesture of enjoying the music nevertheless.

A sincere and impromptu proof of been, doubtlessly, having fun.

Logo &
visual concept

After that, we went for the image and the logo. The one we finally choose was based on this musical idea, with some quaver-inspired shapes yet a «chubby» appearance.

With all that, we started the exhausting but thrilling process to create this useful guidance for every single detail you can imagine related with ‘Dabaraba Picnic Music Fest’.