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octubre 30th, 2018 Posted by Branding, Advertising 1 comment

Visual identity.
Logo, poster & social media images.

‘Nemea Challenge’ is a martial art competition born with the purpose of stand aside from the classic jiu jitsu championship due diverse elements (interaction, prizes, music along the fights…) and its visual identity must reflect this personality keeping in mind the main target of this kind of events.

For the first edition we created this line, paving the way for different approaches in further dates, with a solid yet ductile visual style.




Fashion Summer Awards (09-3)


junio 6th, 2018 Posted by Editorial & Packaging, Advertising No Comment yet

Design of several promotional posters &social media for Muah School.


MUAH 01 (02) MUAH 01 (final b)Fashion Summer Awards (09-3) Curso-Iniciacion-Maquillaje-01(02) Master Maquillaje Profesional Marzo 2016 (A 1-2)



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Proposal for advertising campaing in printed media.

Konami © and Mercury Steam ©.




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Here’s an example of complete work for a music band.

I’ve been in charge of Raven’s Gate corporative image for a couple of years now.

This melodic metal band aims for reaching a privilege place among the big cats in the genere and  his band image will only accept the highest standards.

The logotype and symbol fits perfectly with their style. That is exactly what I always look for when I work for music bands: to show visually the essence of their music.

I work hand-to-hand with this melodic metal band, for what I’ve constructed all the corporative image, including logotype, band’s symbol, CDs covers, different layouts for internet use, Roll up for stage display… every need has been most happily solved, so this solid bound keep on going!


[2010 / 2015]



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Advertising page of the videogame Maldita Castilla created for the digital magazine Retromaniac.

I tried to adjust the ‘retro’ style of the game to this advertising page and get inspired by my childhood’s videogame-magazines ads.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any rights for the images. Everything is property of Locomalito ©.