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febrero 27th, 2019 Posted by Web Design, UI, UX 3 comments

The client: Room 32, a luxury hotel for adults wanted to avoid an image sumptuos flashiness and stress concepts like privacy and exclusivity.

I was asked to present a proposal for a responsive landing page for specific holidays offer.
I got a little carried away and presented this one-page web for the hotel, focused on the special promotion, with every aspect they needed for the specific product, but also a further explanation of the place, rooms, services and all the information about the business itself.

Room-32---Landing-(opcion-3) Room-32---Landing---mobile-(opcion-3)-(recor)Room-32---Landing-(opcion-3)-(single)Room-32---Landing-(opcion-3)-(single-2)Room-32---Landing-(opcion-3)-(single-3) Room-32---Landing---mobile-(opcion-3)-(single)Room-32---Landing---mobile-(opcion-3)-(single2)